• • 2 zucchinis
  • • 1 onion
  • • 2,5dl heavy cream
  • • 5 tablespoons of green pesto
  • • salt
  • • pepper
  • • Spaghetti pasta (500 gram)



We grate and salt the zucchini. For 10 minutes we set it aside to let the juice to come out. (You can help this process with squeezing it.) We fry the onions on a drop of oil, then we add the zucchini and stew it under a cover until it becomes tender. Next we pour in the heavy cream and add 2 table spoons of green pesto. We let it boil for a while, thereafter we add the already boiled Spaghetti Pasta and mix them together. We serve it with cheese and/or with fresh tomatoes.

Have a good meal! ☺️